Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Practicing Compassion

It'a yet another dark, rumbling day. I joined the dog and goose outside for my T'ai Chi Chih practice as water dripped from leaves, thunder grumbled in the distance, and a fleeting stream of light shone through a blue opening in a cloud-filled sky.

I woke with a slight sore throat today which may explain why I've felt low and depressed the past few days. I started the day with Reiki, then, in addition to my T'ai Chi Chih practice, did another 10-minutes of qigong to cleanse and recharge myself. I do feel better now.

My other goal: to allow myself to move slowly through this day instead of tackling every item that needs attention. It's hard. I have to convince my super-responsible self that it's okay to take care of me first.

I'm reminded of last Sunday's radio show, On Being. A man who researches meditation and its effects was the interview subject. The host asked him: Can you teach compassion? His response: The best way you can teach compassion is by being it.

It often seems easier to be compassionate towards others than toward myself. Today I have an opportunity to practice....

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