Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drifting, Floating, Paddling

It's been a night and day of on-again, off-again rain. Thundering. Pouring. Dripping. Silence. And then another deluge.

Duluth, MN received nine inches of rain (we don't have a rain gauge so I have no idea how much rain fell). The Duluth zoo was flooded. And, since Duluth is built on a hillside next to Lake Superior, I imagine there's much more damage.

Our driveway has huge caverns etched into its surface; in addition, sand washed down our drive and into the highway below. Frances spent much of the afternoon digging trenches to divert rainwater off the road and into the ditch. I  joined her in late afternoon to help hand fill in deep trenches.

In early evening we convinced Lucy to take a swim in a small pond near the house that overflowed with water. She looked so relaxed and peaceful that--I couldn't resist--I joined her moving meditation by starting my own.

While Lucy drifted, floated and paddled I rocked, flapped, and circled. The rain started to fall during my TCC practice but I was well-positioned under a leafy tree and barely felt the wetness. Shortly before I finished my practice Lucy abandoned her own and climbed up the bank and out of the water.

I'm back inside now to await the next round of pouring rain. I'm glad I found a small space of time to enjoy the wet green jungle formerly known as our woods. It felt wonderful to become part of its juicy, abundant wildness. (There'll be more work needed to repair our patchwork driveway in the days to come....)

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