Friday, June 8, 2012


Yesterday Frances and I worked in our garden for over six hours. As a result, today I planted myself in bed. I was so stiff, sore, and tired from an afternoon of carrying pails of compost and water and kneeling in the dirt to carefully place each individual plant that I could barely move. Of course, I also had three low blood sugar episodes yesterday afternoon despite the fact that I took great care to eat often. I guess it's not surprising that it took most of today for me to get myself back up and running. In early evening (after the heat and humidity lowered slightly) I went outside to join Lucy, Chiripa, and Namaste. I sat down in their midst for my TCC practice. About halfway through the mosquitoes and bugs were too much to bear and I retired inside for the remainder of practice. Now, after a day of naps and resting, and a half hour of TCC practice, I'm beginning to feel like myself again. I needed rest ... and now I've gotten it.

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