Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A True Blessing

I'm continually amazed by the way in which T'ai Chi Chih practice puts my life back on track. When I'm engaged in Joy Thru Movement, I'm no longer a wage earner, sister, aunt, life partner, or stressed-out American trying to survive the economic downturn. I'm simply me, and being me is simple.

I place my feet on the earth, hold my head up high, and breathe in the same air that all living creatures on this planet breathe. I feel my connection to the trees in the forest, the birds in the air, the great waves of Lake Superior, the racing, chirping chipmunk racing into its hole in the dirt. For these daily minutes of practice there is no good or bad, happy or sad, there is simply an All That Is.

What a relief to be out of the race to excel and into the pure, simple moment of Being. And that, my friends, is what this morning's practice was like. A true blessing....

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