Sunday, June 24, 2012

Only This Moment

Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24, 2012:

Same scenario two days in a row. Frances and I are both stressed out. We have a conversation and come up with possible directions to pursue. Then I do a T'ai Chi Chih practice.... All is well.

It simply amazes me how much my daily TCC moving meditation brings sanity to my life. I'm still feeling depressed, discouraged, and fearful (even though I wish that after 16 years of TCC practice--and an additional six years of T'ai Chi Ch'uan practice--I'd have figured out how to remain totally calm in the midst of chaos. NOT.).

Last night both Frances and I had nightmares. Today was picture perfect, sunny, low humidity, breezy, and coolish. I still felt depressed, but TCC practice lifted my mood and some good old fashioned exercise (i.e., shoveling dirt on the driveway to repair the washouts from our on-going days of rain and a short walk on the beach), helped to make life right again.

More shoveling is planned for early tomorrow morning (and, most likely, for many days this week) but I feel more optimistic about our ability to fix the driveway and move forward to other priorities. Yes! For the moment, at least, and there is only this moment ... life is good.

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