Thursday, June 28, 2012

Letting All Else Simply Fall Away....

Feedback is trickling in about the T'ai Chi Chih session I led at the Gildi conference on mental health last week. Yesterday's thank you note from CORE, the sponsoring organization, described the outdoor TCC session as "glorious." And it's true, the 25-30 attendees sank into a quiet presence during our final practice/review that was remarkable for first-timers.

I also spoke with a woman from the local women's shelter who attended the TCC session. She became aware of all the places in her body that felt tight, she said, and she realized that she needed to return to a T'ai Chi practice after many years away from it.

I thought of that phone conversation this morning during my own T'ai Chi Chih practice. I told the women's shelter employee that T'ai Chi Chih is the one health care tool that keeps me sane and balanced during the stress-filled time that Frances and I are wading through.

And so it was during this morning's practice. I relaxed. I breathed. I watched Lucy close her eyes and then realized that she has teeny tiny feathers on her eyelids. I noticed that one of the chipmunks stopped its busy gathering activities to sit atop the fence railing around our flower bed and watch me with an intense, direct, unwavering gaze. I stayed in the present and let all else simply fall away....

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