Friday, September 24, 2010

Cat & Mouse, Deer & Woods, Sound & Silence

Success! Today I found the first evidence of Chiripa's skill as a mouser. We adopted said kitten in February with the hope of obtaining assistance in the snaring mice department. Thus far Chiripa has exhibited no interest in shouldering such responsibilities. Sure, she's watched a few mice, even chased them into a corner or under a dresser but never before, ever, has she killed one.

Since our house is the only sheltered warm spot on our 25 acre property and for another quarter mile plus in any direction, we provide the ultimate luxury accommodations for woods-loving rodents. Frances and I agree, once you look into the shining eyes and notice the sweet little ears of these creatures it is difficult to kill them. Consequently, we've always set live traps but ... we're not totally opposed to allowing nature to take its course.

I practiced TCC early this morning, shortly after I stepped on the dead mouse lying on the living room carpet. It hadn't been light for long but the yellow vegetation continues to expand, gleam, and grow each day and gives the grey morning skies and darkened woods a welcome glow. The south ravine still harbors a wealth of luxurious, thick, glossy, green grass but slowly and surely the green is converting to gold.

I began my practice with a CD playing but quickly shut it off after I realized that the sound of wind brushing through and circling 'round treetops was music enough. When I neared completion, I noticed that the Healing Sound "szu" (liver) was amazingly similar to the sound of the breeze through the leaves. Tssssssuuuu.

Midway through practice I felt, or maybe saw, movement in the woods before me. When I focused my attention into the trees, I noticed two deer flowing gracefully by. We often see a mother and fawn crossing the drive, stopping at the salt block, and even licking and playing with each other. They're another gift and blessing we receive from living in--and paying close attention to--our surroundings.

Yes! The day has begun....

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