Monday, September 13, 2010

New Beginnings

Today is my first day of work at the Bayfield Library (my work day begins at 1 p.m.). I'm excited to be back in the presence of books (it has been many years since I worked in two different bookstores in the Twin Cities) and I welcome my opportunity to get better acquainted with community members.

Yesterday afternoon Frances and I attended the farewell party for Karen, my predecessor in the library assistant job. It was a wonderful event full of warm sunshine, fabulous potluck fare, and friendly people.

Karen was one of the first residents we met when we moved to Bayfield. She joined my first T'ai Chi Chih class and, after I heard the story of how she chose to move to Bayfield (she hopped into her car in Chicago and drove until she didn't see electric wires hanging over her head), I knew that she was someone Frances and I wanted to know better.

Today and tomorrow Karen will train me in to take over the job she held at the library for the past five? six? seven? years. Could there be a better way for me to start a new-job day than with a T'ai Chi Chih practice?

I stepped into the lemony sunshine on the deck and observed small patches of sunlight as they flickered and danced in the dark, shade-filled woods. It was breezy but quiet; Frances and Namaste left earlier for the vet's office to discover why he's experiencing pain that wakes him--and us--up in the middle of the night.

The cat lounged in the shade of a flower planter in the corner of the deck. And me? I soaked and drenched and saturated myself with the generous rays of sunshine that flooded over me out of a brilliant blue sky. Early on in the practice flower stems and tomato plants jogged my attention. They jiggled wildly due to somebody's unintentional efforts. Soon two chipmunks ran out of their green shelter and pounced on each other before one dashed quickly away.

I interspersed my TCC practice with Seijaku. And now I feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable ... a wonderful way to feel on the first day at a new job.

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