Monday, September 20, 2010

Flipping the Switch to Pause

Day Three at my new Bayfield Library job. Whew! It's a busy place! I found no time to reshelf books, audiobooks, or DVDs no matter how hard I tried to catch up with returns. So ...

What did I do? I came home and did a T'ai Chi Chih practice. After an afternoon of being "on" every moment it's nice to flip the switch to "pause." Of course, when I'm doing a TCC practice, I'm not lounging in a chair or reclining on a couch so there is some effort involved in shifting weight, turning wrists and waist, and circling arms and hands. After so many years of practice, though, I trust that my body can go through its routine with a minimum of force exerted, physical or mental.

I watched my reflection in the dark windows and realized that how I view myself varies from one mirrored practice to another. Sometimes I focus my attention on whether my movements look soft and flowing, other times I notice how circular the hand and arm movements appear, and tonight I watched my waist to see how far I turned from side to side. While I watch myself reflected in the window I also notice how I feel as I perform the movement. How do I look when it feels right?

There are always questions to be asked and answered about one's own TCC practice. That's the beauty of a practice like this. You can always improve, learn, grow, have new experiences, and new realizations. And then tomorrow ... you can start all over again. Huh. It reminds me of working at the library.

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Evergreen said...

Last night I did a TCC practice in my horse's shelter. Two of the horses were out there and I was blocked from the wind. As I did my practice, each horse came over to investigate and get in my way.
When Eddie's head was directly in front of me during Platter, I raised my hands and did it over his head. But when Sundown came over and stood with his side touching mine, I had to ask him to move over a pinch.
I think if they had hands, they would have joined me!