Saturday, September 25, 2010

Filled to the Brim

Yep. It was a full to the brim day. We started off running errands we'd intended for yesterday but had to abandon after a power outage hit our house and closed most businesses in downtown Bayfield, Washburn, and (rumor has it) Ashland, for almost six hours.

Then we hurried home to feed the geese before attending a reading and booksigning of Guerrilla Publishing: How to Become a Published Author for Less Than $1500 & Keep 100% of Your Profits by Barbara With. Another quick stop-and-go at home and on to Little Sand Bay for a potluck picnic celebrating a neighbor's 40th birthday and she and her husband's 10th wedding anniversary. It was a fabulous day after several days of never-ending rain: sunshine, 50 degree temps, and clear blue up above.

Whew. Catch a breath. Now, finally, after the sun dipped over the horizon and temperatures quickly followed we're back home. I'm upstairs in front of dark bedroom windows practicing TCC. It's quiet except for the sound of Namaste's barking as he reminds all woodland creatures that he is home now and he is the one in charge.

Funny. Lately I notice that my morning practices feel better than the evening ones. By the end of the day my body aches and creaks a little. Who knew? Could? This? Be? A? Sign? Of? Aging? Nawwww. I'm just tired. Well practiced, calm, and relaxed, I'm ready to settle back in my easy chair and read until my eyelids come fluttering down....

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