Saturday, September 11, 2010

Woodland Wanderings

I launched into this evening's TCC practice at 5:30 p.m., outdoor temperature 55 degrees. A chipmunk atop a tree trunk in our south ravine carried on a constant monologue while I moved. I assumed--wrongly--that the talkative interloper was a squirrel taunting Chiripa as she watched from the edge of the deck.

When I finally looked for the source of these on-going agitated grumblings I was surprised. You mean that teeny creature can talk that loud and that long? Chiripa maintained her Zen focus throughout. Though she watched with interest, eventually she went about her business as if no one was there at all.

After the chipmunk stopped its onslaught, a far away air-borne bird launched into a loud, echoing call. The haunting sound floated over the treetops until, finally, it was quiet. But, no. Another rustling, leafy sound emanated from the woods. When I squinted my eyes just right, I saw a deer digging into the earth with its front hoofs.

While I moved I watched the deer and they (I eventually spotted two though there were probably more) watched me. When I arrived at Joyous Breath, I saw a few ears twitching in response to my loud exhalations. At the Healing Sounds, my noisy aspirations drew barely a raised head. 

I felt gratified to be included in the activity of the woods. And peaceful. And calm. And, umm, just right.

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