Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Desserts

My T'ai Chi Chih practice was a welcome reward after a day devoted to dusting off and polishing my resume. That task has always been a difficult one but this time, since this part-time job seems so right for me, I totaled my skills, laid them out, and will hope for the best possible outcome.

Right now I feel good about the efforts I made to convey my strengths and talents. And, after delving into a dark, quiet TCC practice on the porch, I'm content to trust the Universe on this one.

I practiced while Frances pulled in bird feeders and corralled and herded the geese to their pen. The darkness of dusk settling felt comforting and appealing after a full day dedicated to compiling a resume, application form, and cover letter.

Tomorrow morning I meet members of my Cornucopia TCC class for a morning practice and potluck at one of the students' homes. It's been cool lately and it's still unclear whether our planned outdoor practice and picnic will need to move indoors. It will be fun to have time to socialize and get to know each other better; normally we overfill our time together with TCC practice and unending discussion about the Tao.

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