Monday, September 6, 2010

Social Butterfly-cum-T'ai Chi Chih Player

I was a social butterfly this weekend. One visiting friend left this morning after staying Saturday and Sunday nights with us and three other friends arrived about forty-five minutes after her departure. Hmmm. Just enough time for a t'ai chi chih practice between departures and arrivals.

And, indeed, a practice was just what I needed to relax and slow myself down. I admit, sometimes I get into a "hostess with the mostess" persona when I have guests. So taking time out to quiet my mind and relax my need to be all things to all people (based on strong training from my mother during my child- and young adulthood) was a blessing.

I placed myself on the deck under a sunshine-infused sky and, as I moved, purposefully willed myself to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. It wasn't easy. The wind blew with a vengeance and my immediate surroundings felt as if they were being tossed like a huge chef salad. After some time (10 minutes?) my breathing deepened, my pace slowed, and I was back in the present moment.

Before I made it to the grand finale of my TCC practice, though, a car appeared in the driveway and I was out the door to greet two friends--along with a spouse--who worked on my community college paper, The Echo, when I was editor back in the day (or should I say way back in the day). We hadn't seen each other for 20? 25? close to 30? years???

It was a joy to reconnect and share laughs, stories, pictures, and memories. After a late lunch we rode the ferry over to Madeline Island then back again and they were off, retracing their route toward home.

And now ... I'll return to my t'ai chi chih practice. Hopefully it will replenish some of the energy I invested in two wonderful visits with friends.

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