Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Color Conversion

It was a sun-filled day until dark blue clouds drifted over the region in late afternoon. According to news reports rain is already falling in Minnesota--and more anticipated (2-4")--which leads me to expect rain showers here soon.

Each day a wider expanse of yellow-gold moves into the forest. We're converting gradually from one form of beauty into another, glossy green to yellow, orange, red, rust, brown, and then our colorful woods will yield to winter white. I'm reminded of a poem/blog entry I published last October 24th on another blog ( It's Golden! tells the tale of color conversion in the north woods. It is a dramatic experience.

When I moved through my TCC practice on the deck this afternoon, I was cheered by the bright yellow ferns that greeted me from the south ravine, the dibs and dabs of yellow leaves that waved from the forest, and the insistent chirp of a woodpecker traveling back and forth from tree trunk to bird feeder. I traveled gracefully and gently through my practice like a fall leaf floating to earth.

At the August TCC Conference I realized that I shift my weight too far foward. During a recent discussion with another TCC teacher I mentioned that I'm currently practicing this correction to my form.

The teacher responded that all the things we do in our TCC practices are reflections of what's happening in our lives. She went on to suggest that my too-far-forward weight shift may indicate that I was expanding farther out into my life. Given recent changes I've undergone, we agreed that she may be right (thank you, Anna).

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