Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Labor of Love

Labor Day Weekend ... the official end of summer. Well, summer's been disappearing for awhile now. The days are growing shorter, of course, but the light is different too; it's shady and shadowy more hours each day.

Today was a flurry of activity as Frances and I prepared for a last-minute visit from a friend. After our friend phoned this morning to confirm that she was headed our way it was off to the market, ready the guest room, and cook and clean....

I slipped my t'ai chi chih practice in right before our guest arrived. It was timely. I felt relaxed and at ease when she pulled into our yard and ready to give myself over to socializing, cooking, and eating from now 'til Monday evening.

While I practiced in the cool shade of early evening, the geese grazed and the cat hunted at the edge of the woods. I felt like I was just one of the animals going about my daily routine. It was comforting to know that each of us was doing what suited us best.... Our own individual Labors of love.

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