Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time for Bed TCC

Whew! My first two days on the new job are complete and all I can say is, What a whirlwind of newness: new information, computer program, workplace, names and faces, and even a new staff-only bathroom. Yes, it's a much different view from the backside of the library circulation desk when compared to standing on the front side.

I'm happy to be here. And I'm also perfectly content to have the rest of the week off before I head back to work next Monday. Today was overfull: primary voting day, an urgent plea from Frances to come pick her up in Ashland after I got off work this evening because her car's front brakes went out, and our first day pilling Namaste after the vet determined that he has Lyme's Disease. We've only just begun to give twice a day antibiotic tablets for a 42 day run. Oh, and did I mention that I worked six nonstop hours today with a 10 minute break?

By the time I began my TCC practice this evening I was t-i-r-e-d. By the time I finished my TCC practice this evening I was t--i--r--e--d--e--r. As my practice progressed and my mind and body slowed down from its fast paced day I began to feel my exhaustion multiply. By practice end I was in a state of what I'll call ultimate relaxation. My body is at its limit; my mind shut down its functions similar to the way I shut down the functions of nine computers at the library tonight.

TCC practice left me in an ultra-relaxed state and--no arguments here--it's time to head for bed.

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