Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Sunbeam Reminder

It's wonderful to keep a sense of perspective about life's daily events and unexpected situations. Why? Because it allows us to remain focused and centered in the midst of seeming chaos and helps us to respond appropriately to the ever-present trauma, drama, and suffering that inhabits the Universe.

Today's TCC practice helped me to see yesterday's practice from a different point of view and reminded me, once again, that I do have a choice about what I allow into my consciousness and what I ignore during my TCC practices. I ventured onto the deck for today's practice after the day's strong winds died down and the resultant chill abated. Since the thermometer read 48 I donned a stocking cap and a pair of gloves. Fortuituously I found myself in the glow of one persistent sunbeam that wove its way through the branches and leaves and landed on the exact spot where I stood.

In order to bathe myself in the warmth of this westerly descending streak of sun I turned sideways to the direction I typically face during my practices. Ta-da. What do you know? I no longer faced the bird feeder that had so disturbed and distracted me yesterday because of the thieving scoundrels (a/k/a chipmunks) that scaled its narrow edges and prevented nuthatches and chickadees from feeding.

True, I did hang the feeder in a different location today and perhaps that provided a simple and effective solution. On the other hand, the oft-repeated phrase out of sight, out of mind described today's practice as I moved while eyeing a new view. I truly let my attention be occupied by a new set of trees and plants that grew directly in front of me. Had the chipmunks actually been on the feeder it may have been a different story but since they weren't, and I wasn't looking, I spent my entire practice in a relaxed, uninterrupted flow.

Yesterday I felt compelled to interrupt my practice in order to intercede on the birds' behalf. Interestingly, I seldom interrupt my practice. My typical attitude is this: I can take one-half hour out of my day to practice T'ai Chi Chih without worrying about who's calling me, what's happening in the immediate vicinity, or what I need to do next.

Thank you, sunbeam, for reminding me to remain in the peace of the present moment....

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