Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cold, Tired, Dark, and ... Relaxed

It's been a dark, rainy, cold (40 degree), low-energy day. A phone conversation with my sister in West Virginia at suppertime revealed that temperatures in her area were 80 degrees with bright sunshine.

I'm tired after two work days filled with new information and details, details, details. My evening TCC practice in front of the darkened patio door was revealing. I was surprised to discover that I moved faster than my mind and body told me I was moving, especially given my energy level.

The shadowy mirrored feedback helped me to slow myself. Though my reflection in the glass appeared soft and flowing, my body felt creaky, stiff, and uneasy.

I turned on music to accompany my practice but shut it off immediately after Cosmic Consciousness. Its soft, relaxed resonance felt too loud and I longed to sit in total silence. Ahhh. After two overly busy days the quiet feels comforting ... almost medicinal. And, post-practice I do feel more peaceful and relaxed.

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