Friday, September 10, 2010


It was a quiet day today. I waited, wondered, and wanted to hear a decision regarding this part-time job for which I submitted an application. In the meantime I used my time wisely and made a huge batch of salsa from the outpouring of tomatoes harvested from our garden.

And then ... I did my t'ai chi chih practice. Late afternoon brought quiet clouds and grey skies. When I practiced, I felt like I was captured in a lull before the storm. A quiet calmness sifted through the atmosphere and fell upon me as I moved simply, softly, silently.

And then ... and then ... and then ... I got the phone call. The job is mine! I feel tremendous gratitude for this opportunity and anticipate that I will become better acquainted with the community as I serve in a role that--like my avocation as T'ai Chi Chih instructor--is also public, also works to educate, expand, and inform, and also quietly changes the people with whom I interact.

Next week I begin my two-day-a-week job as library assistant in the Bayfield Carnegie Library. Let the DVD and book returns begin!?!


Delores said...

congratulations on the library job! I was sending good vibes your way. It will be perfect for you.

Evergreen said...

That sounds great, congratulations