Thursday, September 16, 2010

Days of My Life

Brisk temperatures are changing, brightening, and coloring greater expanses of forest with each passing day. Bits of yellow hop from tree to tree and leaf to leaf and red, rust, and orange are joining in the spree. Fall Equinox is early next week but, in the Northland, fall is here.

My late afternoon practice on the deck began at 50 degrees and ended at 45. It was extremely quiet. Just once I heard a breeze rustle through the leaves. It sounded like sand rushing through a funnel. I was reminded of the theme from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Yes, yes ... the older I grow, the more true it seems.

I received word last night via email that writers from Love Stories of the Bay will be taking our stories to the stage ... Stage North in Washburn, WI, that is. We're spiffing up our presentations with music, visuals, and lighting, scheduling several rehearsals, and offering two performances in mid-February 2011 (Fri., Feb. 11 and Sat., Feb. 12). Half of the $10 ticket price will be donated to the Bayfield Regional Conservancy which is a vital organization in this area.

I'm sure this event will push me and other writers to confront our stage fright and I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity. All I need do is perform a mental rehearsal of T'ai Chi Chih prior to and during the performances. Somehow it always manages to calm me in the midst of high stress and tension.

Which is how I feel after today's TCC practice ... calmly quiet inside and thankful for the beautiful green surrounding me that is being spun into blazing gold.

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