Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Humble Be

Today I subbed T'ai Chi Chih for the second time at Humble Be. I'm scheduled to cover three more class sessions for their regular T'ai Chi Ch'uan instructor while she recouperates from surgery. Each session is different depending upon who attends; this morning I had three returning students from last week (my first session) and two newbies.

What did I discover today? I learned that it makes no difference if someone is a beginning or a returning student; what matters is that we each experience some measure of inner peace, begin to embody the silence that comes from engaging in T'ai Chi Chih practice, and are in some small (or large) way transformed by the vital force energy. I can't adequately express how honored I feel to be one of many who are carrying this positive force into the world.

An example: one student gave me a hug after class and confided: I let go of a lot today. I could tell from the way this person moved that s/he is used to expending a lot of effort in their movements (and their life?). It felt hugely significant that s/he identified the difference in their bodymind and I felt immensely grateful to be a witness to this transformation.

My class ended at noon and my next TCC class doesn't begin until 5:30 p.m. which means that I have time to do as I wish during the intervening hours. After I ran errands, I took myself out for a delicious lunch at Coco's (what a treat since I seldom eat out!), and now it's off to the library.

I have another 2.25 hours of T'ai Chi Chih to look forward to before my day ends (two more classes). Is there any more fulfilling, rejuvenating, and en-lighten-ing work than this?

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