Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Reason Other than Snowflakes

It's snowing! That's such a rarity this winter that I savor the beauty and silence that comes with each infrequent snowfall. While normally we'd wake each morning with a light (or heavier) dusting of snow, this year our snow accumulations are infrequent to none.

New snow greeted me when I walked to the kitchen window this morning. After I started my T'ai Chi Chih practice on the porch more snow fell lightly and then, fast and furious.

It certainly feels as though fresh-falling snow contributes to the experience of my TCC practice. Perhaps the snowfall reminds me of my childhood when snowstorms meant school cancellations while life paused for a day or two. Or maybe the pure white covering hints at a fresh start, a new beginning....

Whatever the reason, I found it easier to slow and relax into my TCC practice this morning. I've also been crazy-busy recently and it's likely that my body needed the slower pace, the quieter environment, the recalibration.

Today for no reason other than snowflakes I feel happy, comfortable, at ease.

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