Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Life Buoy

Yesterday's strategies worked beautifully. I shoveled snow for 45 minutes; by the time I came back inside, I felt better. Next I did a full T'ai Chi Chih practice, then ate liver for lunch (Frances swears by the mood boosting effects of the B vitamins contained in liver). By the time I left for work the world was, again, a friendly place.

I practiced TCC today while more snow drifted from sky to earth. There's a winter storm warning through tomorrow evening with up to 18 inches of snow, high winds, and low visibility predicted. Winter has finally arrived; it's comforting to look outside and see fresh layers of winter wonderland white blanketing the woods.

I haven't been sleeping well and I'm hopeful that my AM TCC practice will buoy my energy through this afternoon and evening. I always enjoy practicing T'ai Chi Chih while snow (and rain) fall. There's a comfortable slowdown of body and mind that seems to occur naturally when precipitation falls from the heavens.

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