Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Ultimate Treat

I enjoyed my day teaching a drop-in T'ai Chi Chih class, getting a haircut, picking up a bag of goodies at the local food coop (a gift from the coop since I was the 1,000 member to become fully-vested), and visiting with friends, both old and new. I came home brimming with energy.

The drop-in class went well. All four students have been studying with Cathy, the T'ai Chi Ch'uan instructor, and they seemed game to learn a different form of T'ai Chi. As it turned out, I was reunited with a long lost acquaintance who moved here from the Twin Cities. Over ten years ago she hired me to teach TCC at a senior retirement home in a Twin Cities suburb and she also took my TCC class several times. So, we meet again.

Most likely because these students have been studying T'ai Chi Ch'uan, they seemed to pick up on the movements more quickly than a typical beginner. That made my job easier. I'll see what happens next week depending upon whether I get any other students dropping down from the heavens.

It's so much fun to share T'ai Chi Chih with others. I'm grateful for every opportunity that presents itself in my life. I don't have my two evening classes tonight because of a conflict with the space where I teach. So, one more TCC class in the AM and I'm done for the week (two instead of three classes this week). Moving together with others is the ultimate treat of my week.

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