Thursday, February 2, 2012

Indescribably Blessed

Wednesday, February 1, 2012:

Today I slowed into a rest mode during the morning hours. Yesterday was so busy at work that I spent an extra hour after I closed just trying to finish up all my half-done projects. I was exhausted. And, by this morning, I felt as if my health and energy took another downward dip even as I've worked hard to maintain myself.

I was still tired by midafternoon when I left for my two T'ai Chi Chih classes. As usual, though, the sessions helped me to relax and (somewhat) rejuvenate.

It's always wonderful to hear what my students have to say about their experiences with T'ai Chi Chih. One longtime class member mentioned after our practice that she always keeps her attention and visual focus directed straight forward but, at the same time, she maintains her peripheral vision in order to connect with all the others in our circle. She feels her focus helps her keep a connection, both energetic and psychological, with everyone engaged in the practice. How wonderful!

By the time I finished my beginners' class (which, for me, takes significant focus and attention in order to effectively guide first-timers through their initial experiences with learning the form), I was--again--exhausted. I drove home, unloaded the car, and went straight to bed (no passing Go, no collecting $200).

Thursday, February 2, 2012:

I'm still tired. After my morning T'ai Chi Chih class, though, I felt better. This class has continued on for many years. Six? It is by far the longest class I've begun teaching ... and then continued ... and continued some more. There's a kinship, compassion, and caring in this circle that is a wonder to behold.

Of course, every member of this class makes it what it is and I feel thankful for the people who have passed through these classes and incredible gratitude for those who have made a choice to stay with the T'ai Chi Chih practice as the calendar pages turned and the years passed. We all help each other by sharing our energies, our insights, our struggles, and our joys. And, for me, this T'ai Chi Chih class has shown me the healing power of a community that offers each other compassion and acceptance as we travel along our individual and combined paths.

I have been indescribably blessed to share in the Cornucopia of people, ideas, movements, meditations, silence, and sounds (of the creaking wooden floor!?) of this special group of T'ai Chi Chih practitioners. Thank you all....

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