Friday, February 24, 2012

The Need to Be

Yep. Again today I'm feeling that end of the week exhaustion. (At least the end of my work week.)

I slept late and then made every effort to pace myself. I only brought one sled of firewood into the house instead of my normal three sledfulls. I only made one food item rather than spending an entire afternoon in the kitchen. I did my entire T'ai Chi Chih practice seated, not standing.

Oh, I moved slowly after I got out of bed. And now, after TCC practice, I feel better, quieter, calmer, more relaxed.

I opted out of attending this evening's library presentation of the film, Freedom Riders (about civil rights activists in the south during the '60s). I was sorely tempted because a Freedom Rider who lives on Madeline Island will be there this evening to tell his story. But ... I need time alone. I need to soak myself in peace in quiet. I need to be free of obligations. I need to be.

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