Monday, February 27, 2012

A Wandering, Worrying Mind

Today I continue to feel overemotional and out of balance. While lying awake in the middle of the night I practiced what I preach to my students; I performed a mental rehearsal of T'ai Chi Chih to aid in relaxation and (hopefully) return to sleep.

My mental rehearsal was helpful up to a point. I drifted off to sleep for short periods as I made my way through the entire TCC practice. Now that I'm out of bed it's clear that I need to do a full moving meditation practice before I head to work because I'm caught in a cycle of low level anxiety.

It's also obvious that I have to move my body more vigorously to shift the chemistry in my brain. Lucky for me I have about six inches of new snow lying on the ground and it needs to be shoveled off the front step, deck, and around the car.

We'll see what relief my moving meditation practice and my snow shoveling provide for my wandering, worrying mind.

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