Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alive, Alert ... and Joyous!

Bit by bit, hour by hour, the sky opens. As clouds separate the beautiful blue of Heaven is revealed once again after several days' absence.

By noon sunlight shines over the white earth, temperatures rise, and the slow drip-drip-drip of frozen snow as it converts to liquid pounds the front step in a steady beat. My energy is returning after several days of extreme tiredness and daily naps.

Frances is in the basement vacuuming. And, after lunch, I'll join in the ongoing saga of clean, sort, giveaway, and release. Letting go of things and creating more space allows energy to flow through our house, our lives, and our bodies more easily. What can I say? It feels wonderfully freeing....

During my late morning T'ai Chi Chih practice Namaste joined me on the porch and snoozed on a nearby chair. At that point sunlight had just begun to pierce through the loosening sky. I silently applauded its bits of brightness as I sat through my practice session. Namaste was oblivious of my activity until I reached the Healing Sounds. When I Ho-Hu-Szu'ed, he woke.

And now we're both happily alive, alert, awake, and joyous!

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