Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rewinding Back to Winter

The rain started as I walked into the library for my afternoon shift. By mid-afternoon snow swirled through the air on heavy winds. It did, indeed, feel like a winter storm was wending its way into the area. Again?!?

I asked a neighbor for a weather report. Did she think I needed to close the library early? She replied that it was bad outside. Next I called Frances for her evaluation of the weather at home. No problem, she advised, It's not that bad.

One additional library patron stopped into the library during the last hour I was open but, as she freely admitted, she lives right next door. So my first thought upon closing was: Do some T'ai Chi Chih practice before heading home. That way I'll be sure to start out in the right (i.e., calm) frame of mind.

And, yes, I do feel less anxious about the drive home. Plus it sounds as though the hefty winds have subsided a bit. Still ... 3-5 inches of snow are predicted for this evening. I'm more than ready to hit the road so that I can hunker down for the evening (like I guess the rest of my library patrons decided to do).

A few good books and movies on DVD should keep me warm and cozy this evening. And ... I'll go with the flow as we blow back into winter.

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