Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fire and Ice

It is/was another beautiful spring day. I walked along the lakeshore in Washburn, a route I've intended to walk for years. Since I had a spare half-hour prior to my evening TCC class, I walked the walk and learned about local history from signs posted along the path.

En route to a lunch meeting today I drove past our neighbor's house (vacant for the past several years after the couple died) and witnessed fire fighters putting out a grass fire as smoke torpedoed through a hole in the old, dilapidated roof of the house. Further down the road I pulled over at least four times as multiple emergency vehicles rushed to the scene.

Our class TCC practice was small; five of us quickly shrunk to four when one student left early. We opened several windows due to the heat in the room and quickly realized that our practice circle was much quieter than the noise from traffic two stories below.

It felt wonderful, as usual, to have practice companions. Together we slowed, breathed, relaxed, and calmed ourselves into a different state of mind and body.

Tonight we return to below-freezing temperatures. Ah, yes, spring in the northland....

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