Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Fountain of Chi

How do I know that spring has arrived? This morning birdsong flooded across the yard. During a late morning walk I heard frogs singing near a creek. Plus the tractor-starting sound of ruffed grouse beating their wings in courtship is beginning to filter through the woods.

Of course, ticks appeared before the snow melted. Unfortunately, several days ago Frances noticed fleas on the dog and cat and in bed.

So, yep, spring is here. (Though I've heard a weather forecast predicts subfreezing temperatures in a day or so....)

Today I practiced T'ai Chi Chih after I came home from work. My feet were sore and my body tired but I knew if I practiced I would reap rich rewards. True. I felt the energy flowing as my reflection peered back at me from a dark window.

My feet are still sore. But my body and mind feel lighter and quieter. The Chi was activated, balanced, and circulated. I guess I could say that I'm a fountain of Chi....

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