Friday, April 1, 2011

Seated? Moving? Dark? Or light?

Yesterday: Four deer stood roadside on my route to and from class. It's obvious that the snow melt offers more freedom of movement to the creatures of the woods and field. Today: Snow, then rain, then snow re-covered the softening, muddy earth. An April Fools' joke?

I started T'ai Chi Chih practice in the doctor's office this afternoon while I waited for the doctor to arrive. Partway through Platters a light knock on the door caused me to cease and desist. Now, hours later I sit on a stool and conduct a seated practice. This week I feel the results of three consecutive classes (two in the evening and one the next morning) in my knee, a foot, and the side of my leg. Time to cease and desist my standing practice in order for my body to recouperate.

I'm gradually accepting the fact that some days seated TCC practice is the absolutely positively right thing for me to do. Tonight that's particularly the case as I segue from active day to quiet night. Wetness drips outside the dark window. What will tomorrow bring? Winter or spring? Whiteness or wetness? Seated T'ai Chi Chih or moving?

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