Monday, April 11, 2011

Falling, Sinking, Soaking

No question. Spring arrived overnight accompanied by the sounds of thunder and pouring rain. When I woke this morning I assumed that our yard, which overflowed with mud and excess water, would now resemble a lake. Amazingly, the standing water had virtually disappeared. Frances's theory: Falling rain warmed the frozen earth and allowed the existing water and rainfall to soak into the ground.

Several people commented that the lake ice also disappeared overnight. One possible explanation: recent warm weather created holes in the ice and the falling rain caused the ice to sink. Of course, the ice typically blows out of the bay and back into the bay several times during spring thaw so we'll soon see whether any ice floats back in when the wind changes direction.

Tonight's T'ai Chi Chih practice felt hmmm, ummm, errr ... great! I was tired when I arrived home from work. I still wanted to practice so I sat out on the porch and began Rocking Motion as I looked out the windows into the dark night. Occasionally I caught glimpses of our white cat slinking and slouching across the yard or stretching her body up the base of a tree trunk.

Soon, very soon, I felt the Chi moving, Then I remembered for the umpteenth time how much better I feel when I do my practice. Just as the earth soaked in the fast-falling drops of rain I circulated and absorbed the Chi. And now I feel better for it.

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