Sunday, April 3, 2011


It was heavily overcast this morning when I woke. Not surprising since it rained most of the night. After I rose it began to snow. Rain. Snow. Then gigantic snowflakes. Then more rain. Now it's foggy as rain pelts the metal roof on our house.

Today we continued to clean out the basement. It's a wonderful feeling to be buoyed by extra energy that's released from sorting, burning, recycling, and donating. Library sale here we come! (The annual thrift sale for the library is scheduled for Saturday morning, April 9.)

Feng shui theory about the flow of Chi describes our experience with ongoing efforts to cull our worldly goods down to a more manageable and humane size. With the resultant free-flowing energy we're motivated to continue lightening our load, improving our house, and simplifying our lives.

I took a T'ai Chi Chih break when Frances left for a meeting. It felt great to focus on something new and different. Although how different is T'ai Chi Chih practice really? Each day a new adventure. Each day the same. Each day more rested and relaxed ... for 20 to 30 minutes at least (sometimes more).

Each day another lesson in letting go ... especially now as we're releasing gifts, possessions, and memories from our pasts.

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