Friday, April 29, 2011

Infinite Peace

On this fabulous day of warmth and sunshine I began by watching Lucy as she floated and swam in the small pond near our house. She is a water creature who seldom has access to a lake or pond in which to demonstrate her natural expertise. It was a joy to watch her.

Then I washed and hung clothes, washed and hung clothes, washed and hung clothes multiple times. Lucy was my constant companion, honking and grooming, sleeping and honking.

When the day cooled and darkened, I sat on a stool and did my T'ai Chi Chih practice. I focused my attention on inner stillness while Frances ran her chainsaw and cut down several trees that had tipped sideways during winter storms. Oddly, it wasn't difficult to disregard the whining engine noise while I engaged in my practice. The chainsaw represented little more than a pesky mosquito humming around the edges of my memory.

Though I began my practice inside due to the gathering chill I soon moved outside to join Lucy as she lingered near the front door. She stood behind me and groomed while I circled through the movements. All too soon my practice came to an end. And, yup. I felt quiet, calm, and infinitely peaceful.

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