Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chi Power!!

It's spring (I'm writing this with supreme confidence)!!! Yesterday I noticed my first robin and eastern phoebe. Today I saw two robins hopping through the grass and heard a phoebe singing Phee-bee, Phee-bee from its lofty perch.

Light shines across our woodland universe from early morning 'til after dinner. And, as the weather warms, the dog and cat station themselves outside for hours at a time.

Today's TCC class was different. I had a low blood sugar in the middle of practice, didn't realize it, and miscounted movement repetitions. During Carry the Ball to the Side I suddenly realized--after I noticed curious expressions on several student's faces--that I was in the middle of my sixth circle to the left (having not remembered to step over to the left side after three reps).

Luckily one of my students asked whether I needed to test my blood sugar levels after we finished our practice and another student reminded me to test when I became distracted by other responsibilities. A handful of raisins--thankfully--got me back on track.

Granted, practice was a bit funky. Noteably, though, I wasn't critical of myself. I simply allowed things to be as they were. That's a huge commentary on the effects of T'ai Chi Chih practice in my life. It's also a direct feedback loop that notes the ways in which TCC's meditative practice helps me retrain my brain toward happier, healthier, and more positive messages and thought patterns. (Though my lighthearted response may have been partially due to the low blood sugar too....)

A student who arrived 40 minutes late for class and stepped into the room while we moved through the healing sounds mentioned later that he was disappointed to miss our practice. Nevertheless, he experienced how quickly and effectively the energy in the room, and his participation in Cosmic Consciousness Pose, transported him into a centered and more relaxed frame of mind. That's Chi power for you!

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