Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diving into the Unknown

It's true. It's for real. And, no, it's not my imagination running away with me.... Three plus inches of snow last night--heavy and wet--and our woods looks like we're back in mid-winter. Funny. When I drove to class this afternoon, it was all rain and no snow down in Washburn. This proves how easily weather and precipitation vary on our Bayfield pennisula.

The snow is beautiful! (And appalling.... My sister keeps asking me how we manage to survive in this climate.)

We had a relaxing, rejuvenating class practice this evening. Students easily flowed into the peace, quiet, and centeredness of moving meditation. Afterward we spent time simplifying Rocking Motion and easing up on the effort that's overwhelmingly put into practice despite the fact that Justin Stone constantly reminds us--and I constantly remind my students!--that the easiest way to experience the energy is by relaxing and letting go.

Class members asked wonderful questions and offered unique perspectives on how they experience the Chi energy  and movements. Consequently we all--myself included--received a wealth of input, perspectives, and helpful ideas and suggestions for refining our practices.

It's such a joy to teach students who recognize the power and potential of this moving meditation practice and who willingly dive into the unknown!

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