Saturday, April 23, 2011

One with the Darkness and Light....

At night make me one with the darkness
In the morning make me one with the light.
     Wendell Berry
     From: Earth Prayers, p. 369
I lay in bed last night and fitted my body to the rhythm of rain gently tapping the roof. This morning I woke to a not unexpected scenario: new-fallen snow, heavy and moist, layered the ground. Humidity still hung in the air, a white veil of fog draped over the day.

Into this muted daylight I brought my quiet practice. Stillness upon stillness. I stood for today's T'ai Chi Chih's practice. It felt good, effortless and easy to shift weight and follow t'an tien forward and back, side to side.

Now I'm off to a day at the library. I'm covering a shift for Roberta who headed to Milwaukee to spend the weekend with family. I'm hopeful that the day will be slow and easy as others join friends and family to celebrate Easter and Passover. Undoubtedly some dedicated library patrons will stop in to read the paper or grab a movie or book to enjoy during the holiday weekend. I'll simply remain open to anybody and everything....

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