Sunday, April 24, 2011


It's a beautiful, quiet, warm (with a chill breeze blowing in from the northwest) Easter Sunday. Relaxation plus.

Frances spent the morning raking leaves with Lucy nearby. We ate lunch out on the deck then I took over Lucy Watch. I read Sing You Home on the deck while Lucy napped and groomed on the ground below me. With the warming weather she's pulling out a comforter full of small down feathers. They float through the air and settle lightly on the ground where she most recently rested.

I did my first 2011 outdoor T'ai Chi Chih practice today. Though I began my practice on the deck I felt that it was important--even necessary--to move down to Lucy's level. I positioned myself about 20 to 30 feet in front of her and continued my practice. Soon she moved to the raised bed garden directly in front of me, less than 10 feet away.

Lucy's used to being around me when I practice outdoors. In fact, she (and Ander) have been nearby when I practice since I first got to know Frances 16 years ago.

As I moved I focused on sending Lucy all the love, peace, and relaxation that she could possibly absorb. And absorb it she did. By practice end I walked away and entered the house without her honking loudly and frantically. It seems that she may, indeed, be gradually adjusting to life as a single goose.

It felt wonderful to be outside, to watch my shadow moving across the freshly turned earth, to hear and see the purple finches playing Musical Chairs on the bird feeder, to notice the emergence of the Pasque (Easter/Passover) flower, and to witness tiny buds and bits of green burgeoning from tree branches and loamy earth.

This silent day was a wonderful gift and my practice with Lucy as witness a special interlude. Yes, rebirth is happening all around me: earth, water, sky ... and goose?

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