Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As It Should Be

It was another fabulous spring day of which we've experienced too few this year. Clearly I deserved a treat after working away the afternoon inside the library so post-work Frances, Namaste, and I walked along the lakeshore at Little Sand Bay.

The 50-degree temperature and evening sunshine felt soul warming and the soft swish of waves hitting shore comforted and relaxed me. After our walk Frances toured me around our newly planted flowers and then--worn and weary--I practiced T'ai Chi Chih, back to front (with several odd detours along the way).

There was no question that I needed to practice. Because I was t-i-r-e-d, though, I made a deal with myself to shorten practice time slightly in order to arrive at a resting state more quickly. And relatively soon I made it to the end (err, beginning) of my practice time.

Since I don't give myself an out when it comes to my T'ai Chi Chih practice it's a huge motivator and guarantee that I'll do a daily practice regardless of how I feel. I'm grateful for that bottom line. It keeps me moving and grooving. And in spite of how tired or clueless I may feel, I'm Activating, Balancing, and Circulating the Chi. That is as it should be....

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