Friday, May 27, 2011

Unity Consciousness

To define meditation is to limit it by reducing it to a mental concept. You cannot define meditation just like you cannot define presence or grace or God. We know the mind always wants to define things, but the mind is conditioned by the past and so can only see the projected condition, rather than what is fresh and new in the moment. It also only sees in fragments, not in the whole, so anything that can be grasped by the mind is not the whole truth. To find truth, we come into stillness, for stillness is not personal. We cannot say, 'This is my stillness, and that is your stillness; I have this presence, and that is your presence.' We cannot claim ownership of stillness because it is everything. It pervades all that is. When we can move from separate, ego-based consciousness to unity consciousness, then we know the other as ourselves.

     Constance Kellough
     From: Be the Change: How Meditation Can Transform You and the World, Ed and Deb Shapiro, p. 23
This unity consciousness is what we receive from a regular T'ai Chi Chih practice. Need I say more? I think not. Ahhh.

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