Friday, May 13, 2011

We know the truth....

I had a wonderful day visiting with the in-laws, attending the live broadcast of Wisconsin Public Radio's Garden Show, and stopping and shopping around Bayfield. A late afternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice gave me space and quiet for myself before our evening meal and, I'm sure, more conversation.

If it ever seems difficult to pull myself away from overnight guests and visitors, T'ai Chi Chih practice is always a worthwhile break. It offers rest and relaxation, quiet, peace, and regeneration. And, best of all, plain old me time. Now I'm ready to return to meal preparation and group conversation.

I received an email today from my Twin Cities' T'ai Chi Chih compatriots. It forwarded a short piece that one of the Twin Cities' teachers wrote for the Minnesota T'ai Chi Chih Accreditation class on May 12.

I share it here because with very few words it manages to express volumes about the spiritual benefits of TCC practice. It begins, too, to express how I feel when I practice T'ai Chi Chih with my students and with other teachers. It can be--and IS--transformative. What a gift!
We know the truth about you since we have done T'ai Chi Chih with you. That is the only truth we need to know.

We know that in your heart you have received forgiveness for all perceived mistakes. In T'ai Chi Chih there is no perfect practice. In T'ai Chi Chih every practice is perfect. May you feel the healing of T'ai Chi Chih.

We know that you are loved since we have practiced T'ai Chi Chih with you. For you, may you know joy and gratitude through moving in T'ai Chi Chih.

          Nancy Werner-Azarski
Thank you, Nancy....

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