Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cool Practice, Warm Heart

It's a glorious day! After several days of rain, clouds, and fog, we're back to sunshine and cooler temps. Frances and I ate breakfast on the deck and realized after we sat down that it was cold. Brrr. After we finished eating and headed back into the house we checked the temperature gauge: 37 degrees.

It's funny, I commented, what we'll put up with at various times of the year. We'd never sit out on the deck for breakfast if it were this temperature during the winter or early in the spring.

Oh, said Frances, it makes all the difference that flowers are blooming and we can watch the birds as they visit our feeder.

It's true. I just finished my T'ai Chi Chih practice out on the deck. When I came back inside, I checked the temperature: 50 degrees on the south side of the house and 44 on the west side. I wore a wool shirt and, despite cold hands, I reveled in the cool, fresh breezes and the varieties of green vegetation that grew all around me.

It took me until Carry the Ball to the Side to really slow my body down. I'm busy fitting in extra work hours, out of town visitors, and a holiday weekend and, needless to say, I'm distracted. But it felt fine to move in the midst of cool freshness: no bugs, clean air, and lush, green growth everywhere.

At the moment I'm in love with spring and my T'ai Chi Chih practice simply magnifies the experience.

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