Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chi Rejuvenation

Whew! It was a busy day at work.

There were two separate story hours for kids today and, even though I stayed upstairs to work the front desk, I could feel the kid energy buzzing around beneath me in the basement children's area. Plus, on story day parents and children come in with armloads of books to return to the library. Then both parents and kids select bags of books to check out and bring home.

By lunchtime I was whipped. The noise and activity levels of the kids plus the constant flow of patrons at the front desk wore me out.

Thank goodness it was sunny and beautiful. I adjourned to the small yard outside the library during my lunch break and practiced T'ai Chi Chih. That was more important than eating. And, sure enough, when I walked back inside again I felt calmer, quieter, and less harried.

Hurrah for Chi rejuvenation!

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