Monday, May 16, 2011

Swimming on the Surface

Now that hundreds (thousands?) of daffodils are in full bloom around Bayfield tulips have joined the parade of color. Small clumps of blue forget-me-nots are in blossom too.

Today was more spring-like than not though still terribly cool. Frances walked around the yard this evening and placed plastic containers over newly planted annuals just in case our area is one of those predicted to receive a freeze tonight.

My morning T'ai Chi Chih practice was a short and sweet respite that I dipped my toes into before I headed to work. This evening's post-work practice was more of a swim, quiet but not very calm. It felt hard to settle my mind so I swam through the movements in an orderly fashion then retreated inside to a warmer, more comfortable environment.

Even though I enjoyed the bird songs surrounding me during practice it felt as if I was just "swimming on the surface" (per singer/songwriter Ruth McKenzie). And, I guess, for tonight that is simply fine....

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