Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Settling into the Present

Today I practiced TCC twice: 10 minutes before work and 20 minutes after I returned home from work. It felt wonderful to take the time to Be Here Now. In the moment. Listening. Watching. Settling myself into the present.

Earlier in the day I looked out the window and noticed Lucy resting on top of the dirt in the raised bed garden. When I moved my gaze slightly to the right there, too, was our new chicken, I-Hop. They looked like companionable feathered friends as they each rested in the moment.

My evening T'ai Chi Chih practice on the deck was surrounded with sounds. First, coyotes howled. Then their howls merged with the howl of nearby emergency vehicle sirens. When all the fuss settled, I heard spring peepers singing through the woods. (Their song is reminiscent of crickets.)

It took time to sort through all the obvious overwhelming noises to reach the underlying essential notes of spring. And me? I was glad that I took time to listen as I moved quietly through Taffies and Clouds and Healing Sounds.

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