Monday, May 16, 2011

Leafing Out Day

Today is leaf day. Wind day. Sun day. The trees have indeed leafed out, buds metamorphosing into miniature green patterns of what's to come with additional time, sun, and rain.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih out on the deck prior to the arrival of evening dinner and movie guests. The brisk, cold wind from earlier in the day abated. Goose and chicken roosted on the south side of the house as I moved through my practice. And it was time to be-be-be. Be.

I was tired, having spent three nights and two-and-a-half days with guests. And, in anticipation of more company, it seemed appropriate to engage in moving meditation in order to regain some balance and quietude.

It was a rejuvenescent practice because I was up until after midnight watching two wonderful movies with our friends: Being Caribou and Garbage Warrior. Talk about inspirational!

Being Caribou tracked a young Canadian couple as they followed caribou on their annual migration through Canada to their calving grounds in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Garbage Warrior told the story of eco architect, Michael Reynolds, who developed self-sustainable housing and communities using bottles, cans, and automobile tires.

I'm thankful for people who are willing to live outside of mainstream culture in order to follow their bliss and make a positive difference in the world. And might I be so bold as to say that T'ai Chi Chih practitioners fit into that category?....

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