Monday, May 23, 2011

Fast Forward into Summer

It's a beautiful rainy day with greens turning greener and leaves getting leafier. Seriously, it feels like nature pressed a fast forward button. Maple trees on the north side of the house with teeny tiny leaves just last week now exhibit half-sized--or larger--versions of their soon-to-be adult selves.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih upstairs in the bedroom tonight which allowed me to look out into my rapidly expanding field of green. Very soon Frances, Namaste, Chiripa, Lucy, Chickie, and I will be thoroughly encased by this world of green. Leaves up, down, and all around!

My practice felt better than it has for days. I was calmer and more relaxed. And I could feel energy flowing free and easy. I'm still curious to discover how much--if anything--rain has to do with energy flow. I've certainly noticed a difference when I practice in rainy weather. But what that means I've yet to discover.

I was busy today at the library. Now, post-practice, it feels wonderful to flow into calmness.

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