Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Long Breath

The day is quiet ... immensely quiet. I feel as though I'm waiting for something to happen. Rain, perhaps? An occasional breeze tickles high hanging leaves but otherwise the world around me is held in suspended animation.

After a post-lunch walk I took myself out on the deck for my mid-afternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice. I soon discovered, however, that the damp, windless atmosphere offered me up as bait to the multitude of mosquitos and flies.

My practice lost its attractiveness as well as its inherent element of relaxation to the constant buzz and cycling of insects that purposefully invaded my personal space. Still, I did manage to slow down and center myself.

Today I am in seclusion. My weeklong work schedule exhausted me. All I wish for is total, complete, uninterrupted silence.... If the buzz of insects is the loudest sound I hear today, I'll manage somehow: To take in the silence. To be fed by the peace. To linger in the holiness of these few quiet moments strung together into one long breath.

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