Friday, April 23, 2010

Acceptance = Peace

Well now, what do I write when I feel exhausted, grumpy, and impatient? Nothing?

I allowed myself to get overly stressed by several deadlines earlier this week. Today I'm left to deal with the consequences. Despite the sunny warm weather--summer teasing and tempting us again--I'm in a funk. When I'm this tired, it's best for me to simply take the day off, lounge, relax, read, nap. Usually by late in the day my energy returns and I'm functional again.

Today, though, I haven't let myself recover. I decided that I had so much to do that I just couldn't relax. Consequently, by late afternoon I'm still exhausted, still moody, still wandering through the day clothed in the funk.

Surely T'ai Chi Chih practice will help ... and it does, a bit. It allows me to breathe in clean air, listen to bird song, view the deep-blue beauty of Lake Superior from afar, settle my mind, and release some unhelpful thoughts. Next: a walk. And later? Perhaps another round of T'ai Chi Chih practice. On a day like today it's better for me to be proactive about my mental attitude rather than sink deeper into the muck.

Interestingly, today's reading in 365 Tao is "Acceptance" (p. 113). It reads, in part:
     Acceptance is a dynamic act. It should not signal inertness, stagnation, or inactivity. One should simply ascertain what the situation requires and then implement what one thinks is best. As long as one's deeds are in accord with the time and one leaves no sloppy traces, then the action is correct.
 Although I've been struggling with my level of productivity today it's time for me to accept what I managed to do today as well as what I didn't. Then, yes then, I can be at peace....

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